Fashion Doll Friday – Divergent Tris 2015

I treated myself to a new Barbie! I could not resist Divergent Tris even though I’m not familiar with the storyline of the films.I love her face and I like the short hair on this one much more than the first Tris doll. Here she is straight out of the box. This is the second Tris doll released. The first one had long hair so naturally I preferred this one.

Divergent Tris de-boxed
Divergent Tris de-boxed


  1. So jealous!! Not seen this doll for sale yet. I love her hair. Really disappointed that she’s not pivotal, like the last version of Tris was, though 😦


    • Yes I thought semi articulated was a bit of a cheat. I haven’t seen her here yet. I had to get her from Amazon but I found one at a good price with reasonable shipping although to buy a collectible doll in the first place is is extravagant for me but I had to have that face.


      • Why legs and not arms, too?? Arms and not legs poses much better. I have a conspiracy theory – I think they want people to buy two versions of the first-wave Tris now, to swap a body for this new version so she has full articulation 😦 btw, these are not even on our Amazon yet! I hope they turn up soon …


      • Amazon Australia is virtually useless except for books. Had to get mine from the USA. I rarely do that because although the prices are good the shipping is usually astronomical from over there. If the first wave one was fully articulated it seems odd the second one isn’t doesn’t it?


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