Fashion Doll Friday – Beyond Pink Teresa 1998

Beyond Pink Teresa 1998
Beyond Pink Teresa 1998

I don’t usually leave dolls in their boxes but a very few I have and Beyond Pink Teresa is one of them. I had it in mind to have a collection of the pop star Barbies and friends at the time but I’ve never really had the room to display them properly. I also have Beyond Pink Christie, who I have de-boxed but not Barbie, too pink for me!

I like Teresa’s colouring and the fact that the dolls are articulated. Will I ever de-box her? I don’t know.

As an Easter treat here is the Beyond Pink song – “Think Pink” although it is not the original video.



  1. Teresa is beautiful. I always loved the Rockband doll lines. I got these in Box and out of box. The silver strands on the deboxed dolls soon turned into a major nuisance. They frayed, curled and were pretty unmanagable. In the end I grabbed the tweezers and pulled them out. That’s why my boxed ones will probably stay in their boxed forever.


    • My deboxed Christie’s hair is not too bad but I’ve been afraid to ever play with her much because of it. I probably will leave Teresa in hers which means if I have to have another doll cull she’d probably be a candidate as much as I like her because I’d keep the ones I can do things with.


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