Fashion Doll Friday – Fashionista Barbie

I was in Target the other day and thought I might as well check out the Barbie aisle. To my surprise they had some of the new Fashionista Barbies. They were not very expensive so I decided to buy one. I picked this one because she was the most interesting doll with her curly hair and freckles. Here she is just out of the box.



  1. Congrats, she is one of the girls from this line that is on my Want list as well. I’m still debating whether to buy them now or just wait for the fleamarket season, because i don’t care much for their stiff bodies. Is it just me, or are their limbs even thinner now?


    • I think you are right, they are very thin and lightweight. That body looked nice on the first Basics but now it just seems cheap. We didn’t get the whole range and I didn’t think any of the others available were interesting enough to buy. This one is different at least.


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