Fashion Doll Friday – Sindy in Coffee Party

This week’s doll is an auburn haired Sindy who was given to me by a fellow doll collector in the USA after I admired her photo. She has articulated wrists, a twist waist and rooted eyelashes. Her arms appear to be strung with elastic. I believe that she might be a Lovely Lively Sindy from 1976 but I’m not as good at identifying Sindy after 1970. She is marked 033055x on the back of her head and “made in Hong Kong” on her back.

Despite the fact that I really prefer the earlier Sindy’s this one is a favourite of mine. She wears Coffee Party from around 1964. Coffee Party also came in blue. While a lot of the early Sindy outfits are too big on the smaller post 1970 dolls Coffee Party is a good fit.

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  1. She looks great and the dress compliments her very well. As a kid I was so not into Sindy, but I develloped quite a fondness for them lately. Someday I hopefully find a Sindy that has not been played to death already.


    • Yes, they do often appear well loved. I have a couple that really need rerooting but with those hard heads I’m not keen. I put the worst one in a riding outfit with a big hat. The oldest Sindy’s do go for a lot of money if they are in good condition but sometimes you get lucky and find a bargain.


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