Fashion Doll Friday – Mystery Barbie

Fashion Doll Friday – Mystery Barbie

Today’s doll is one that I am not too sure about. I bought her as is and don’t have any information on her. She has the older twist and turn body, straight arms and the Superstar face so I am guessing that she is from the early to middle 1990s. From her colouring and hair style I believe that she is a Filipina Barbie. Her dress is tagged Barbie but I’m not sure whether it is her original outfit. What do you think?

Barbie from the 1990s. I believe she is a Filipina Barbie
Barbie from the 1990s. I believe she is a Filipina Barbie


Update: While I have still not identified Barbie fellow blogger Andrea has identified her dress for me. It is one of a set called Barbie Haute Couture and was released in 1993. You can see a picture of the full outfit here.


  1. She’s lovely. I recall there were a lot of multinational Barbies during the 90’s. I don’t recall this one specifically, though. The dress may not be original. But it’s certainly very nice.


  2. Yes, I think you’re right. If it is, no, that wouldn’t be her original dress. But dark-haired, dark-skinned Superstars are so rare – she’s still a great find. I love her, congrats!


  3. I don’t recall a brunette with this body type, that was mostly used on beach line and budget dolls. If she is not a Filippina Barbie, she might be a OOAK doll. She looks great anyway.

    Her dress is part of a 1994 Haute Couture Fashion set, missing a bolero jacket from the bodice fabric and a gold clutch.


    • Thank you, I’m glad to know about the dress. I didn’t think it was original to her. I was able to find a photo of the outfit from your description so I can now add that information to the post.
      I thought she might be a Filipina Barbie because I noticed that a lot of them of that early 90’s period had the same kind of updo but it is also possible she could be an OOAK.


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