Blogiversary #2

Although WordPress sent me the notification in March I consider May to be my WordPress anniversary month because it was on May 1 2013 that I wrote my first blog post on Dolls, Dolls, Dolls. Two years later I’m still here. I am quite proud of that because in the beginning I was not sure if I  could keep up doing regular posts.

Admittedly I haven’t posted here that much over the past few months but that has been due to family circumstances. I haven’t lost interest in blogging and I still love finding new dolls and writing about the ones I already have. I have enjoyed visiting the blogs of fellow doll collectors too even though sometimes it takes me a while to find time to read them.

It is a lot of fun to share my finds, my attempts at knitting clothes for my dolls and my opinions on my blog and I certainly intend to keep on doing it. In the next week I hope to show you some new things I’ve knitted and a couple of paper dolls I found in a Bunty Annual from the Salvation Army Shop in Hobart.

I also hope to get back to my series on Fashion Fever closets. A lot of my Barbie dolls and outfits are stored at my sister’s house and I haven’t seen them since last October. I miss them and I miss sharing them with all of you. I think I am going to see if I can arrange to bring them home so I can pick up where I left off as it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to spend the weekend with my sister for some time yet.

So in concluding this short post I would like to say that I appreciate the likes and comments that you all leave for me and that I will try to post a bit more often in the future. Fashion Doll Friday will continue until I run out of fashion dolls to show  you. I still have plenty more but I need to re-photograph quite a few of them and others are packed in a trunk which means I need to move some stuff to get to them. I have plans for more knitting projects and one of these days might even get around to sewing for some of the larger dolls.

To finish up here are a few pictures I’ve posted over the past two years in case you missed them the first time.


  1. Happy wordpress anniversary. I especially enjoy your fashion Friday posts. Your dolls are a welcome change of pace that lighten my heart. Thank you.


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