Happy Mother’s Day

As it is Mother’s Day today here are some of my dolly mums with their families. I don’t usually feature dolls that don’t belong to me on the blog without asking first but Fashion Fever Kurt and the two Tommy’s belong to my sister who is at work today. I hope she won’t mind me using their photos.

Featured are:

Tammy’s Mom

Rosie O’Donnell

Victoria who is one of my older Barbies. I’m not sure which one she was but probably from the late 90s.

Becky my Black Basics Barbie

Midge’s Mom from the Happy Families series

Pru who is a Candi by Hamilton Design Systems. I believe she was one of their Christmas themed dolls. Pru’s husband is Josh who is a Totally Hair Ken from 1991. He belongs to me. I bought him at a market and he has a rather severe hair cut but he is so happy to have Pru that I don’t think he minds. Their son is Fashion Fever Kurt. Pru was very young when she had him :). I made the “His and Hers” sweaters.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the doll loving mum’s out there and in memory of my mum who loved dolls and started me off as a collector without even knowing it.




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