Fashion Doll Friday – Filming in Russia

Fashion Doll Friday – Filming in Russia

Fashion Avenue-Filming in Russia.
Fashion Avenue-Filming in Russia.

Today I’d like to show you one of my favourite Fashion Avenue outfits “Filming in Russia”. The model is one of my Kira’s. As she is one of my early ones and I bought her loose and undressed I can’t tell you which one she is. I believe in Europe Kira was sometimes marketed as Marina.



  1. I love the fur trim 🙂 don’t know enough about Kira be able to identify her, she’s not one that I hav . she was also sometime known as Miko, in the early days.


    • That’s right she was. I have two or three Kira’s but they are all so similar that it’s hard to pick them out their original outfits. I will do a post about them one day.


      • I have a few but you’re right trying to get authenticated w/o clothing/packaging is tricky. Hoping the one I have w/ my Rocker Barbie and Ken is close enough. I admit to making a franinbarbie with a cher dolls body with another as it was the only body with the correct skintone, till I found a second Brandy celebrity doll..The face is so lovely.


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