Fashion Doll Friday – Meet Ken- He’s A Doll

Fashion Doll Friday – Meet Ken He’s a Doll

Today’s doll is a vintage Ken doll with painted blonde hair. He was a birthday gift from my sister.  He’s in great shape for his age. Ken has his beach shirt but came without pants. I thought I had some shorts he could wear but I couldn’t find them. Luckily because he is very slim he can get into Barbie’s clothes. Here he is wearing a pair of generic blue jeans which he will borrow until I get him something else. I had a spare pair of Ken shoes that fit him too.

His little dog was also a gift and is really a small china ornament. I’ve called her Cindy because she is a bit like my dog Cindy.


One comment

  1. Great title. My little brother had this doll but with painted brown hair. I remember that shirt. I think he came wearing red shorts that matched the shirt. Maybe brown slip-on sandals? I’m not sure.


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