Fashion Doll Friday – Mystery Squad Kenzie 2003

Fashion Doll Friday – Mystery Squad Kenzie 2003

This week’s doll is Mystery Squad Kenzie. She has articulated arms on a teen Skipper body. I was lucky to get her because as far as I know these dolls were not sold in Australia. She is wearing a Fashion Avenue  Skipper outfit. I’m not sure of the year.

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  1. She is SO COOL. I LOVE her hair. 🙂

    I noticed an old friend of mine from Oregon in your “community” page. What a SMALL world! (“rhubsknit”)


  2. Ah one of my favourites, I love this doll. such an unusual Lea. My version has never been undressed so Her shoes are still banded on. As a consequence, I don’t do much with her 😦 I need to get hold of a nude, scruffy version that I can do up and play with properly, or I just need to bite the bullet and undress mine …


    • I know. It’s always hard to decide whether to undress the uncommon/unusual ones. I have two or three like that too. Usually in the end I cave and play with them because I want to see how they would look in other outfits.


  3. Mystery Squad wasn’t sold here either, but Kenzie was one of my playline grails. I was lucky and scored mine nude but in great condition from a yardsale, so I don’t have any regrets redressing and playing with her. Last year I found Dani and Shawnee from the line at a fleamarket. They both were nude, but I was happy to find them, so I don’t mind at all.

    I loved the detective theme of the line, since my dolls always were detectives or secret agents in my childhood.


    • Mystery Squad was perfect for you then. What a pity that Mattel is not so imaginative with the playline now. All they seem to make for kids is princesses, fairies, ballerinas and hair play dolls and the quality is not there either.


  4. Wow how did I miss this blog!?..I have this doll and have been trying to dress her!, I used her as Twilight’s Victoria till I could afford one. I also thought she could be an Irish miss, Mystery solved! So I guess I should dress her like a modern day Nancy Drew.


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