Re-homing for a profit

Dance Action Dana 1986
Dance Action Dana 1986
Barbie and the Rockers Dana
Barbie and the Rockers Dana

I am not going to make a habit of this but fellow bloggers, particularly those of you in Australia, might like to know that my sister and I are downsizing our collections a bit as we both have way too much stuff.

We have decided to sell a few dolls, toys and collectibles on eBay. My sister calls eBay our coffee tin. The reason for that is that we used to save up change to use on our holiday road trips in an old coffee tin. Change from our purses, coins we found at work down the side of train seats etc. Over a few months it added up and was very handy for buying petrol for example.

We created a separate eBay ID for our venture although we’ve both been buying on eBay for probably 15 years. It is lookwhatwefound2015.

Here is a link:

OurΒ  first listings are my Barbie and the Rockers dolls.

Postage and exchange rates are ridiculously expensive now so we had not planned to sell to anyone outside Australia but having said that if you are not in Australia and see something you really like then contact us anyway and we can work out a price for shipping. The exchange rate is in favour of the $US at the moment.



  1. So tempting! If I wasn’t in the U.S. I would bid, but you’re right that international post is an expensive hassle. Good luck! I hope they all find good homes. πŸ™‚


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