Fashion Doll Friday – Ideal Grown Up Tammy

Today’s doll is my latest acquisition, a grown up Tammy. I bought her from a collector who is downsizing and although she came from eBay I knew of the lady through a Sindy forum we both post on sometimes. This version of Tammy came out in 1965. She is slightly slimmer than the original Tammy’s and has different arms and a more grown up look although she retains her “wholesome” look compared to the Barbies of the same era.

Tammy is wearing a genuine Tammy outfit called “Pretty Precious” which is complete except for the white sunglasses.

Grown Up Tammy in Pretty Precious.
Grown Up Tammy in Pretty Precious.

Here she is with her younger self. I think that grown up Tammy has gained a little experience in life judging by her expression.

Grown up Tammy in the Tammy House
Grown up Tammy in the Tammy House
Grown UpTammy with her younger self.
Grown Up Tammy  with her younger self.


    • That’s what drew me to the Tammy dolls when I was a child. I had a little booklet that came with my doll that described the whole family,mum, dad, sister, brothers and friends. You could not buy the parent dolls in England, or at least I never saw them but I loved the idea so collecting one of each doll is my aim now.


  1. Tammy is a very beautiful doll. I never saw one in person, so you now added a new girl to my wishlist. The family dolls idea is intriguing.


    • It’s interesting too that Pedigree never went down this road with Sindy. Although she changed her look many times there was never any suggestion that Sindy grew up. Come to think of it I don’t think that Sindy was marketed as a school girl in the first place she seemed like a slightly older teen already out of high school. Sindy was more of a stayer too lasting well into the 80s with Pedigree.

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      • Oh wow! So interesting how they change some dolls and not others. It certainly adds a bit of fun when you learn trivia like that. This is why I adore your blog. You have so much interesting knowledge and a real passion for dolls.


      • There is a lot of good information about Sindy on the net. One day I hope I’ll be able to buy the rather expensive Sindy book. I do have one about Tammy which I learned a lot from. Of course it also helps to be old enough to remember these dolls when they were new 🙂

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  2. Thinking of adding Sindy to my Tammy family. I have a question about grown up Tammy. I got one in a lot who is missing her eyebrows, looks as if someone got too energetic trying to clean her, she has lovely red lips but I suspect what may have been lovely red cheeks may be missing too. Do you ever repaint or send out your dolls for repainting? I suppose I can just put a jaunty little hat or cap on her but I emagine I might well encounter this as I buy in lots most often, then redress/rehome duplicates.


    • I don’t because I don’t have a steady enough hand and I don’t know anyone locally who repaints dolls. However I think you could probably find a tutorial online about how to do it and what type of pens or brushes to use. At least with tip shop dolls you are not losing a lot of money if you don’t do it so well and there is still the option of the hat, or a really long fringe (Bangs).


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