In a Holding Pattern

After missing last Friday’s Fashion Doll Friday post I felt quite badly because it is the one regular post I still do on the doll blog.  I have by no means shown you all my fashion dolls but a great many of them are stored away because I don’t have shelf space for all of them. A considerable number don’t live with me but with my sister 140km away and I haven’t seen them for months. I really need to take a new batch of photos of the stored dolls so until I have the chance to do that Fashion Doll Friday might be a bit erratic as I don’t want to post re-runs of old ones or photos that I don’t consider good enough to share.

Baby Alive in knitted outfit
Baby Alive in knitted outfit
New display area
New display area

As some of you may be aware my husband has been ill for most of this year and while he is recovering now I think the days of running up to my sister’s place for the weekend once a month or so may be over, at least until we have a new routine and I feel happy about leaving him alone.

I still intend to post on this blog. I’m still experimenting with knitting for fashion dolls and I buy the odd doll now and again so I won’t be totally deserting you all. It’s just not quite “Business as usual” at the moment. The Hobart Doll Show is next month and I do intend to get to that.

I hope you will all bear with me because I do enjoy sharing my hobby and reading your comments. I really didn’t want to write this post so I kind of hope that just the act of publishing it will motivate me to take more pictures and write more posts so that things can get back to normal very soon.





  1. I hope your husband will be recovering completely. With so much time in the hospital a speedy recovery would be an illusion. It’s totally natural, that his rehabillitation is the most important thing in your life now and I wish you strength for this long journey. Hopefully you find some me-time for yourself as well. I’m sending you a hug.


  2. I’m sorry to hear that your husband has been ill and in the hospital for so long. That’s got to be really hard. I hope he starts recovering more rapidly so you both can get back to business as usual.


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