Canadian Doll ID’s

A young lady from Canada.
A young lady from Canada.

I get quite a few hits on my Canadian doll page and posts, quite a few of them are obviously people trying to find out more about dolls they have. I always wish I could be more help but information about Canadian dolls seems to be a bit sketchy. When I do searches myself I usually seem to come up with dolls for sale on eBay and a few references to Canadian doll companies but not often to individual dolls.

Pretty much all I know about the companies is posted on my Canadian doll  page already along with some links that I’ve found.  However it occurred to me that by sharing what we know individually we can help each other. So I’d like to invite people to send descriptions of their dolls, preferably with an accompanying photo or a link to an online one to me. I’ll post them here and hopefully others will see them and comment if they recognise them. We could all learn something new.

The email I use for this blog is and I will try to check it regularly. Please let me know if you are willing for me to use your photo on the blog and whether you would like your name mentioned or prefer to use a nom de plume.

Child size doll by Regal, Canada
Child size doll by Regal, Canada

Things you can include in your description:

  • material doll is made of: eg, hard plastic, vinyl, cloth, composition etc
  • size of doll: inches or centimetres is fine I’m bilingual 🙂
  • features: eg eye colour, sleep eyes/fixed eyes, hair colour and style,
  • actions: eg drink and wet, cries or talks
  • markings: makers marks can be found on backs of necks, back and sometimes bottom of dolls, look for letters, numbers, pictures, country of origin
  • clothes: If you think the doll is in its original outfit.
  • background: anything you know that might indicate age

Anyone who has knowledge of or interest in Canadian dolls is welcome to comment or to email me. I’d be particularly interested in hearing from anyone involved in doll collecting  clubs in Canada so that I can post the details for others to see.

I am based in Australia myself and although I do have several Canadian dolls in my collection I’d like to think that people living in Canada have more knowledge and resources that they could share with fellow collectors.

I could start a mystery doll of the week type post if there is interest in me doing it.

image Dee Gee doll redressed
Dee Gee “After”


  1. Your “child-sized doll” reminds me of a doll my older sister had. Thanks for triggering this memory. I saw this picture and suddenly I was little sister again. 🙂


  2. I was wondering what the doll in the beginnings name is . She looks like a doll I got when I was 9 or 10 and was wondering what her name is. Mine was dressed in blue sleepers and had a little teddy bear with it.That would have been about the year 50-53.As I am now 76. So I’m sure that’s the year


    • Hi Susan I’ve been back over my previous posts and don’t seem to have recorded much info about this doll other than that she is made in Canada. Currently she is packed in a box as I recently moved house but I will get her out and see what her markings are. I had assumed that she was from the early sixties but she could be older. I’ll get back to you in the next few days with an up to date photo.


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