Fashion Doll Friday – Send in the Clones

Barbie doll clone with YG marked on back of neck.
Barbie doll clone with YG marked on back of neck.

My friend Gillian sent me this doll earlier in the week. She is a modern Barbie clone and has the older twist and turn body type, fairly well made. She is marked very faintly on the back of her neck with the letters YG. I’m guessing that she is made in China. I think her hair is quite a pretty colour though it will need a tidy up and her eyes are an interesting reddish-brown.

Her gown is made of a papery feeling plastic with a fabric overskirt or over-apron really as it is only at the front. She came packaged on this pink cardboard wrapper with an extra dress and some accessories.


  1. Firstly, GREAT title – why have I never thought of that one? I’m disappointed with myself …

    She’s very nicely presented, some of these clone dolls are stepping up their game. I recently got a LIV clone that is nicer than the originals, and a while back I got a fully articulated Elsa clone. I saw a documentary about a factory where clone dolls are made in China, I wonder if yours is the same kind? They were called Lucy dolls.


  2. Her eyes look interesting, it’s refreshing to see another eye color than blue on a doll. Lea is right, lately some of the clones look better than Barbie herself. Isn’t that a shame?


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