Marilyn and Sue get new clothes

This outfit, dress, slip, bloomers and hat was only $10
This outfit, dress, slip, bloomers and hat was only $10

I never have any idea what I will buy when I go to a doll show and I’m not organised enough to go with a list of things to look for. I often think that I should make a note of things like dolls shoe sizes.

However, I have been looking out for some time for new dresses for two of my dolls and this time I found them.

When I first got Sweet Sue I didn’t know who she was but I knew that her dress was totally wrong for her.

image hard plastic walking doll
Sweet Sue, waiting for a new outfit.

Once I had posted her photo here on the blog Marilyn from Serendipity identified her for me and I looked at some photos of other dolls to see how she should be dressed. I felt she should have a more elaborate outfit but I didn’t feel capable of making one I’d be happy with.

I’ve been looking for a while but Sue is a slim doll and most dresses were way too baggy on her.  At the Doll Show I was browsing through a rack of dolls dresses when I found the one pictured above. It was just the kind of thing I could see Sue wearing. I asked the stall holder what size doll it was meant for and she mentioned a couple that I didn’t know but she did say it was for a slimmer doll which is what my eyes were telling me. It was only ten dollars so I bought it. When I unwrapped it at home there were  white bloomers and a net slip as well as the dress, bag and hat.

Apart from being slightly big around the neckline the dress was a good fit on Sue. I think it may have been intended for a more full-figured doll. I could probably take it in a little or maybe I will find some velvet ribbon and make her a choker, or pearls, I can see Sue in pearls. Anyway here she is. What do you think? I know it’s not an authentic Sweet Sue outfit but I feel it is more in character than the little girl dress she was wearing. I really like the leg’o’mutton sleeves on this dress too.

Sue's new outfit
Sue’s new outfit

The other doll I’ve been looking out for a dress for is Marilyn, my Pedigree Walker. Again I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I knew that I’d know it when I saw it. The dress I found had a tag to say that it would fit a 24″ Pedigree Walker, Marilyn is a 20″ but I felt it would fit her without looking like she had to grow into it. I was really taken with the colour as the apricot seemed to match Marilyn’s colouring. Her outfit, cotton bloomers and dress with the lacy over dress was not cheap even though it was marked down but I bought it anyway because I felt I’d look a long time before I found something I liked as much. Now I will need to find Marilyn some new shoes as the knitted booties she had been wearing just don’t work with her pretty dress.

Marilyn's new dress
Marilyn’s new dress

Both girls need some work done on them. They need new eyelashes and something done with their hair. They both have thick, coarse hair and it really needs to be restyled. I might tackle this myself. I would not dream of getting them re-rooted or giving them new wigs as I think it would change their personalities and they do have all their hair. Marilyn has some other issues too but at least they are now both very well dressed.

Marilyn, my Pedigree Walker
Marilyn, my Pedigree Walker


  1. You might want to try the website for their shoes and stuff. This site might have hard to find shoes. I would take the length of their foot. Antique /reproduction doll shoes might fit these dolls and one thing to take in mind is to get a metric ruler and take their foot measurements in centimeters – I have to sometimes do this with my French fashion reproduction doll to get the right measurements when purchasing shoes. Those vintage tall walker dolls are hard to find clothes and shoes for, I know but you might be able to find vintage children’s toddler clothing and shoes that might work- at alot of the doll shows I attend sellers sell alot of antique and vintage children’s clothing which the doll collectors buy like crazy for their large antique dolls. Hope this helps.


  2. Wow. What a lot of fine detail for only ten dollars. You really scored. Sweet Sue looks very happy with the change. She looks like a different doll. And I love the color of Marilyn’s dress. It suits her.


    • Thank you, I have been looking for more than a year to find something to suit them both and Sue especially was tricky because of her slim build so I think I was very lucky to find such a pretty outfit so cheaply. I could never make anything like that.


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