Calling Doll Detectives- Mystery Doll of the Week

Today I’d like to share some photos sent to me by Susan who wants to know more about her Regal doll.

Hi, I have had this doll for a while and I am unable to identify it, I have the Charlton book but it is an old edition from 1992 I wonder if you could help me.  She is approx 13″ tall hard plastic, movable arms and legs, blue eyes, closed mouth. I am sure that the clothing is original, linen coat and bonnet, dress with lace trim, and panties. On the back of her neck it reads Regal Toy Made in Canada, on her back it reads Regal Canada, she has reddish blond rooted hair.

Thank you so much, Susan

My first thoughts about this doll were that she is most likely from the early to mid 1960s.  During that time doll manufacturers were still making some hard plastic dolls as well as transitional dolls with both hard plastic, soft plastic and vinyl parts. Rooted hair was starting to be more common. Most of my childhood dolls had rooted hair.

Susan does not mention if the outfit is tagged but it may well be original to the doll. A lot of dolls were also sold nude or just in panties and their outfits were made by mother’s and grandmothers and many are as well made if not more well made than the factory dresses.

I did a quick search but as usual most of my efforts got me to sites that I’d been to before, dolls for sale or my own posts. I still say it’s a sad state of affairs when I am considered a reliable source of information. Books are great of course but no one book can have pictures and information on every doll.

Anyway, I thought Susan’s doll looked a lot like some of my English dolls and wondered if Regal might have been making dolls under licence for Pedigree, Rosebud or one of the other British companies or at least using the same molds. I also learned that one of the founders of Regal was also one of the founders of Reliable so there could be a connection there too which could be worth exploring.

Below is one of my dolls who is unmarked and made of  vinyl and hard plastic but I feel has a resemblance to Susan’s doll. What do you think?

image dressed vinyl doll
Unmarked 14″ vinyl doll


I’ll throw it open to all of you now. Does anyone recognise Susan’s doll? Maybe you had one like her as a child or younger collectors maybe your mother or grandmother did. If anyone is reading this who recognises her and can tell us a bit more please either leave a comment or you can email me

Here is a link to a Pinterest site I found for Regal dolls:




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