Send in the Clones- Part Two

I mentioned in an earlier post that I bought two clone dolls at the Doll Show. I haven’t really bought fashion doll clones for quite a long time as I’ve been concentrating on genuine Barbie, Sindy and Tammy when I’ve bought vintage dolls. However, these two I felt needed me to buy them.

I saw them on my first circuit of the hall, I usually do about three. There was a Sindy clone. I had to look closely she was a very good resemblance. Good quality vinyl and her face was so like she might have been made with a Sindy mould. On her back she was just marked “Hong Kong”. Her tag said ten dollars and I thought that was not a bad price. Next to her was a Barbie clone of a similar age, early to mid 1960s also made in Hong Kong. She was wearing a wedding dress and while she was obviously not Barbie she was quite well made too and was tagged fifteen dollars.

Sindy clone-made in Hong Kong
Sindy clone-made in Hong Kong

I thought about buying one or both of them but it was my first circuit and I don’t like to buy until I have seen everything. I miss things that way sometimes but I don’t have a big doll budget so I don’t want to spend it all too soon.

On my next pass the two dolls were still there but I was still deciding as I had seen one or two other dolls I was thinking about and did I really want a couple of clones?

After that I decided to buy the two dresses for Sweet Sue and Marilyn and as I’d spent quite a lot by then I didn’t think I ought to spend any more money. I had a cup of tea and decided to do one more circuit before leaving. When I reached the stall where I’d seen the clones I couldn’t see them, the stall holder had put some more things out. I thought the girls were gone but then I spotted them. They had been moved to one side and were lying together looking rather sorry for themselves. Well that did it. “You two are coming home with me.” I told them telepathically because talking out loud to dolls in public gets you funny looks even at a doll show. I took them to the stallholder who promptly reduced the price by five dollars so I got the pair for twenty dollars.

The stall holder told me this was her original outfit.
The stall holder told me this was her original outfit.

At home I found the Sindy clone a pair of Sindy pajamas and dressing gown to wear. They fit her better than they fit some of my mini Sindy’s. I have more Sindy outfits than I have Sindy’s to wear them so she can help model the collection.

Sindy clone wearing genuine Sindy PJ's and dressing gown.
Sindy clone wearing genuine Sindy PJ’s and dressing gown.

Here you can compare a genuine early Sindy with the clone doll.


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  1. The Sindy clone looks very much like your Sindy doll. Amazing. They must have copied the mold very well. I like both of them. There has to be room in the world for the clones. They’re real dolls, too.


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