Spring Knitting Fun Part One

I haven’t done as much knitting as I planned over the past few weeks. I blame the Australian Cricket Team for this. Test Matches are supposed to last five days not three! I was robbed of much knitting time by their woeful performance during the recent Ashes series :).

However, I have made a few new things which I’ll show you today. I am still using the free patterns from the Stickatill Barbie website and I have purposely restricted myself to just a few patterns which I’ve been repeating in different yarns, mainly to see which I like best for each piece.

I have been considering selling some of these outfits on eBay eventually once I have the fit perfected for each body type and can make a whole garment without making some silly mistake. I thought that it would be fun to sell a colour coordinated set of outfits, a skirt, one or two tops, a jacket and underwear or a dress and jacket. I don’t really like knitted trousers as I don’t think there is a way to make them as slim fitting as I’d like them to be and who wears knitted trousers anyway? These patterns make outfits that are easy to slip on and off so they are good for children to play with but as an adult collector I like garments that don’t make the dolls look like they are wearing tea cosies so I’m trying to do that as well.

Enough explanations. On with the show. Our models today are :

  • Ideal Pepper
  • Modern Barbie Clone
  • Sally – A 1998 Bubble Fairy Spinning Barbie
  • Olivia – Fashion Fever Wave A Drew


First up is Barbie Clone in a mauve lacy knit top and purple skirt in stocking stitch with a rib waistband.  This doll has an older style twist and turn body and I don’t feel the rib works really well on her tiny waist. I plan to make a purple jacket to go with this next.

knitted skirt and lacy top. Skirt is Milford Soft knitting & crochet cotton 3ply. Knitted on 2mm needles.
Skirt is Milford Soft knitting & crochet cotton 3 ply. Knitted on 2mm needles.
The top is a cotton 3 ply yarn.
Top is Bella Baby Bambini – 50% acrylic 50% nylon, 3-4ply equivalent knitted on 2mm needles.

Next is Olivia is wearing a dress in a green synthetic yarn which is like a very thin ribbon. It makes the dress a bit bulky I feel but the colour is very spring like don’t you think? I’ve previously made this dress in red and navy.

Olivia in green knit dress
Olivia in green knit dress
The knit stitch in more detail.
The knit stitch in more detail.

I also used this yarn to knit a version of the white dress that I made for Robyn some time ago. I like it in green for spring. It is a good fit on Sally who has the TNT body but to show how versatile it is I also tried it on Pepper and it fits her quite well too.

knit barbie dress.Ice yarns 40% polyamide, 50% polyester, 10% lurex. 2mm needles
Ice yarns 40% polyamide, 50% polyester, 10% lurex.
Ideal Pepper in knitted dress. Ice yarns 40% polyamide, 50% polyester, 10% lurex.
Ideal Pepper in green knit dress.

In the next post I’ll show you some outfits I made from a ball of Panda Lyscot knitting and crochet cotton. Stay tuned!






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