The TV Unit Dolls

TV unit housing dolls and hobby supplies
A TV unit repurposed.

Meet the dolls who live in my repurposed TV unit. I bought this older style cabinet from some people we knew who were moving and had no room for it. For several years it housed our TV, VCR, DVD player etc. However, some time ago I realised that Hubby was not watching DVD’s any more because it had become physically difficult for him to bend and put a DVD in the player located in the bottom section.  I decided to rearrange the room and was left with the problem of what to do with the unit. It sat in the laundry for some time getting in my way until I came up with the idea of putting it in the doll room. I thought that the cavity would be just the thing for displaying some of the larger dolls and it was.

New display area
New display area

Would you like to meet them all?

In the back on the left is Loretta. I think I’ve shown her off before on my Italian Doll page. She is wearing the dress she had on when I bought her. I do have her original dress but it was not in great shape so I have it stored.

In the top photo Sweet Sue is beside Loretta still wearing the dress she had when I bought her. I did a post about Sue’s new dress recently.

Next to her in the peacock chair is Molly. Molly is a cloth doll. I bought her at a doll show in Ulverstone,  in northern Tasmania on a holiday trip before we moved. She was made by a local lady. Molly’s little pink teddy was made by me.

Jack and Gillian, modern dolls.
Jack and Gillian, modern dolls.

Jack comes next. Jack is a modern reproduction doll. My sister got him for me in Singapore some years ago. I have a little baseball outfit for him and should photograph him in it one of these days. I’ve never deboxed it.

Sophia is on the right. I bought her early in my collecting and she was the most expensive dolls I’d bought up to that time and still is I think as she cost me around $100. I bought her at a doll show in Adelaide but paid her off on the lay by plan as the dealer was from a local antique store. Sophia has a hard head and limbs, I’m not sure of the material to be honest. It feels too thick to be porcelain, it might be composition. Her body is cloth. I think she is European but I’m not really sure of her country of origin or age. She has a glued on wig and she has beautiful fixed glass eyes. Her outfit is the one she was wearing when I bought her. I have not tried to do anything with her hair although it badly needs a tidy as I’m a bit nervous about handling it too much.

image older Italian doll
Sophia has a cloth body.
modern porcelain doll
Annabel, a Christmas present from Hubby

The pretty doll in the front row seated is also a modern porcelain reproduction doll. She has a cloth body as these dolls often seem to. Annabel was a Christmas present from Hubby who spotted her, at the local chemist shop I think, and got her for me. Her bear came with her.

On the front right hand side looking surprised is Gillian.  She is also a modern porcelain doll with a cloth body. Gillian was a gift to me from my friend Gillian hence the name, and because of a certain similarity in hair colour :). She came from  a doll and bear show in Victoria I think.

The little clown has been around for ages. I can’t remember where he came from but I like the dolls to have a few props so they have their own dolls and bears, toy trains for Jack and a little china tea set in case they get thirsty.

Aren’t they a well dressed group?

A more recent picture with Sue newly redressed.
A more recent picture with Sue newly redressed.


    • I had to move the unit as it was no longer suitable for its original purpose and I hate wasting perfectly good furniture so came up with this idea. Those deep units are really handy for dolls.


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