Style Barbie Saturday

I bought a new Barbie today. I didn’t mean to. I had some time on my hands after visiting Hubby this morning and wandered into Target. I usually check out the Barbie aisle even though I usually end up wondering why I bothered.

I initially just picked up a dress which was on special at $2 reduced from $5. I can’t remember when I last saw a Barbie dress that I didn’t hate that cheap, or any Barbie dress really. I decided to get it but didn’t feel the accessory pack at $12 was really worth it. It was nice to find a dress that was not pink and didn’t look trashy.

Barbie dress pack
Barbie dress pack

I looked at the dolls and they had the usual assortment of princesses, rock stars and ballet dancers. I am afraid that I ranted a bit to a young sales assistant who asked if I needed help about how much I hate molded plastic Barbie bodies and how much better Barbies were when I was a little girl. He pointed out the Style Barbies which I had already noticed but not examined. I had not seen them up close before and on first glance I had mixed feelings. I liked the full articulation and their outfits were not too bad but I didn’t especially care for their bland expressions. These are the ones with the new flat feet and come with a spare pair of shoes. Close up I saw that they also have rooted eyelashes which I haven’t seen on a play doll for a while so I took a closer look.

Barbie Style dolls
Barbie Style dolls

I did not see names on these dolls so I’m unsure if the dark ones are meant to be Teresa and Raquelle and the second blonde one Summer or if they are all Barbie. Normally I prefer the dark-haired dolls but this time their expressions didn’t do anything for me. After some thought I decided to get one though because I don’t have any of these dolls yet. I chose the most Barbie looking one which is unusual for me. I liked her face the best and for me it’s always about the faces with any dolls I buy. I don’t like her outfit quite as much as I like the blue one the dark doll is wearing but I don’t hate it.

Style Barbie
Style Barbie

Once I de-boxed her I was pleasantly surprised to find that her body felt solid and sturdy. I like the articulated ankle even though in the flat shoes I thought that they looked a bit skinny. I must experiment to see what other shoes she can wear and if the regular Barbies can wear her shoes. I never liked the Beach Barbie feet because they were so big and you couldn’t put any other shoes on those dolls but regular Barbies don’t wear flat shoes very well so this was a clever idea.

Here she is out of the box in her original outfit and also in the new dress which went well with her black heels and bag.

These Style dolls are starting to grow on me a little. I may even end up getting the other two although I’d really like to get them at a better price because I thought $29.95 was a bit steep.


  1. They are beautiful dolls. I bought one of them, long time ago because they really are good looking dolls. I bought Midge. I like the rooted eyelashes, and the outfits are nice too. Hopefully you’d be able to get the whole collection if it goes one sale.


  2. The Style dolls are the only ones worth getting right now, sadly. The outfit of your doll is quite nice for mixing and matching with other pieces, plus it’s not pinky-pink. It looks like her Jeans is more on the red side. I fell for the first Style dolls last year because of their eyelashes and the fashionista bodies too. Love the rose print dress, I have to watch out for that one.


    • The dress was a really nice find. Not flashy and trashy like a lot of outfits were and at a great price too. I don’t mind her original outfit too much. Its not over pink and will be good for mix and match as you say. I really liked the blue outfit the brunette doll had but something about her face rather put me off buying her. I do like this body though so if I see one at a good price later I might be tempted. I could Frankendolly her I suppose if I can match the skin tone with one of my others. I just prefer to do that with dolls I’ve bought cheap.


  3. I really like her too 🙂 I might get her. And that dress has become quite famous in my Instagram circle, people love it. I haven’t seen it here yet, but I’d probably buy it, it’s very pretty.


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