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image Liebster AwardToday’s post is going to be devoted to answering the questions for the Liebster Award. I was tagged by Kewpie83 of Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter. Thanks, these are always fun to do.

I’ve done this Q&A before but here are some new questions. I won’t tag 11 specific people for this because I know what it’s like to be under pressure to do something when you really are too busy. However, if you have a doll blog please feel free to take up the challenge and link your answers back to me so I can read them too. If you don’t have a doll blog and would like to join in use the comments section at the end of this post instead. OK? Here we go.

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
2. Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award. (I’ll let you nominate yourselves!)
5. Invent 11 questions for your nominees.

I love the graphics on these.
I love the graphics on these.

Random Facts About Me:

  1. My favourite paper dolls were the ones on the back of the Bunty comic
  2. I have been writing this blog since May 2013
  3. The most recent doll I bought was a Style Barbie with articulated ankles.
  4. I have another blog called “My Other Blog” which I use to write about non doll related subjects.
  5. My mother once made me a rag doll out of a pink dust cloth.
  6. I first watched Doctor Who in 1963, mostly from behind the couch.
  7. I once took part in a Travel Doll Game with some doll collectors in the USA and Canada
  8. One of the most read pages on my doll blog is “Canadian Dolls”
  9. The most money I’ve spent buying a doll is about $100
  10. My best ever doll bargains were a Sindy I bought for $4, she had a couple of issues but her face is perfect also a Patch doll that I got for $8 at a flea market. I’m sure the stall holder didn’t know what she was. She had nothing wrong with her that I could see.
  11. I have an Apple Valley doll kit in a box that I really must make one day.

Here are my answers to Kewpie83’s questions

1-Are you a convention goer, doll themed or otherwise? What do you like most about the convention scene?
We don’t really have doll conventions in Hobart. I’m lucky to get to a doll show usually. I think that I would like to go to one to see what it is like. I think I’d probably enjoy the trade stalls most and the opportunity to see and hear from people in the industry would be interesting. From what I’ve read you get nice goodies at conventions and I would not say no to that either.
On non-doll subjects yes, I’d love to go to a Doctor Who or Star Trek convention. That would be a lot of fun.

2-If you could customize your favorite movie or TV series into a doll line, what TV/Movie would it be and what doll line would be your inspiration?
There are already Doctor Who action figures but fashion dolls of The Doctor and his companions would be great.  I’d probably like to see Barbie versions the most if they were well done with articulation and proper authentic costumes. I would like my dolls to be able to interact with them and have adventures too.  Mattel, if you are listening, David Tennant is my favourite Doctor and don’t you dare give us a pink TARDIS.

3-If life were a Choose Your Own Adventure novel and you were told you could have your dream job, what job would that be?
I have had trouble with that one for most of my life but I think that what I would like to be most is a travel writer. I love travelling and I love taking pictures and writing about what I’ve seen so that would be the ideal job for me.

4-We all have had a doll line ‘sneak’ up on us. What doll line ‘snuck’ up on you?
By sneak up I guess you mean dolls that you didn’t set out to collect and ended up with a bunch of. I can’t say that has really happened to me as I set out to collect Barbie, Sindy, Tammy and Netta/Metti dolls as well as my British dolls. I don’t collect any of the modern doll lines. I have a strict budget and have to draw the line somewhere. I guess the nearest to a line sneaking up on me I’ve come is my post 1966 Sindy’s. My original intention was to just collect Sindy from 1963-66 before she was remodelled but in the beginning I found them hard to come by. I had Sindy outfits I wanted to display so I ended up getting a few seventies Sindy’s to wear them until I had enough of the older ones. I have about half a dozen of them now and have become fond of them. Eventually when I have enough early Sindy’s to display the original outfits I may expand into getting outfits from their era and a few more dolls to wear them. But then I may need another Sindy shelf.

Lovely Lively Sindy
Lovely Lively Sindy

5-If you were told you could go anywhere in the world, where would that be?
At any given time it could be somewhere different. I have a long list of places I’d like to go. I’m drawn towards the UK because there are still places there I want to see but I’ve never been to the USA or Canada and there are also places like Scandinavia and New Zealand that are high on the list too.

6-Stock doll or Custom doll? Which do you prefer?
I’ve never had a custom doll, it might be rather fun but I’m pretty happy with stock dolls really.

7-Are you more prone to reading reviews or watching reviews when browsing the web?
Generally I prefer to read reviews and articles rather than watching a video but I do appreciate lots of pictures.

8-Do you have a dolly doppelgänger? If not, do you have a real life doppelgänger? Who?
A doll that looks like me? You have to be kidding. Nobody would buy that! As for a real life doppelgänger they say we all have one but I have never met mine. Nobody famous I’m sure.

9-How do you display your dolls?
I am lucky enough to have a room I can keep them in. Most live on shelves but some are packed into plastic crates.


10-What item currently tops your ‘Grail’ list?
I would really like to get Sindy’s boyfriend Paul with rooted hair and I’d like to have a sixteen inch fashion doll maybe one of the Tonner dolls.

11-How important are dolls to learning?
I think that dolls can be very useful in teaching children both consciously and unconsciously. Interactive dolls are used to teach kids how to look after real babies but I think that most of us probably learned by imitation, looking after our doll babies the way we saw our parents look after our siblings.
Dolls are great for acting out ideas and stories. I don’t just mean the packaged stories that come with themed dolls I mean things that kids see in real life, school, jobs, playing with friends and also their own fantasies. My sister, cousin and I had marvellous times playing with our fashion dolls and they had many adventures.

Marilyn, my Pedigree Walker
Marilyn, my Pedigree Walker

Questions for you to answer:

As I mentioned I’m not nominating anyone to do this but if you would like to please do so on your own blog or in the comments section and don’t forget to link your post to mine so I can read the answers.

  1. Can you remember your first ever doll? What was it and do you still have it?
  2. Do you sew, knit or crochet clothes for your dolls?
  3. Do you think that action figures such as GI Joe can be classed as dolls?
  4. What is your favourite way to spend your day off? If you are retired or not working what do you like to do when you get a day just for yourself?
  5. Do you, or have you ever belonged to a doll club?
  6. What was your best ever doll bargain?
  7. Do you collect bears, gollies or other soft toys?
  8. Would you rather spend your vacation in a city shopping and sightseeing, exploring new places or on a beach taking it easy?
  9. Do you give your dolls names?
  10. Are you comfortable telling people that you collect dolls or do you think that they might think you were odd?
  11. You have won the lottery! What is the first thing you buy-after paying the mortgage, credit cards etc off ?






  1. I like your sense of humor and your doll display.
    Tonner dolls are worth waiting for. One day you’ll find one for the price you are willing to pay.


  2. Ha! Lol’d at “pink tardis” – you know it would happen 🙂 I did a Leibster Award a couple of weeks ago, but I might do yours too sometime, as the questions are so interesting.


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