Barbies Galore

I haven't seen these gals for a year.
I haven’t seen these gals for a year.

As I have mentioned in the past a lot of my fashion dolls  are stored at my sister’s house and as I have not been able to visit her there for the past year I had not seen them. It did make writing posts difficult because when I visited for the weekend I would usually spend an hour or so photographing dolls while my sister was at her Friday night job. Most of my favourite fashion outfits were there too.
The other day she asked me if I would like her to bring the girls home as she thought it might cheer me up. I said that it would so on Saturday she brought them with her when she came to see me.

I thought it might be fun to show you how many there were. This is not actually all of them as she didn’t bring the Ken’s who were in a separate area. This is the contents of two of those plastic storage trolleys with drawers. They cover a queen sized bed completely.

Over the next few weeks I’ll spend time tidying them, changing their outfits and photographing them. Fashion Doll Friday will be back soon and my series of photos on Fashion Fever Closets will also be back.

The journey was not without incident as the trolleys both lost their wheels when Naomi went to put them in the car and she said she had dolls and drawers everywhere but she managed to retrieve them all safely before Toby the shoe stealing dog got hold of any.

Cindy often lies on our spare bed and was about to jump up there as I took the first photo. Luckily I stopped her just in time.

I had to call out to Cindy not to jump on the bed.
I had to call out to Cindy not to jump on the bed.


  1. My goodness. This looks like the dance finale of a Broadway musical extravaganza. Or perhaps Parisian… some are a bit…. exposed. More like a French dance show. 😉

    I look forward to your Fashion Doll Friday posts.

    All the best.



  2. How sweert of your sister to cheer you up a little with the dolls. I’m looking forward to your Fashion Doll Friday postings as well.


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