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One of the first posts I remember writing for this blog was about a doll that my husband found and brought home for me to repair. I’d like to share it with you again today.

As some of you may be aware my husband David, usually referred to as “Hubby” on this blog, had been ill in hospital for several months. On Wednesday 21 October his condition suddenly worsened and he passed away. It was totally unexpected as although I realised that he would probably not enjoy good health in the future I did think that there was a good chance that we could get him home eventually.

David did not know a lot about dolls but he knew that I liked them so he sometimes bought me doll related gifts. He bought me a beautiful doll for Christmas one year and my Barbie sized dollshouse was also a gift from him.

Doll that Hubby bought me for Xmas one year.
Doll that Hubby bought me for Xmas one year.

He used to say that all the eyes in the doll room made him feel uncomfortable but nevertheless he would sometimes take visitors in there to see them if they called when I wasn’t at home.

He also put up the shelving in the doll room when we moved to Tasmania. The shelves had been used for bookshelves at our old house and he cut them down to fit the new room and bought a couple of extra pieces of timber so we’d have enough. I think we ran the local hardware shop out of brackets. Without those shelves I could not display my dolls and I know I’ll think of him whenever I walk into that room.

My doll room looking tidy for once.
My doll room looking tidy for once.

David was 60 years old and today, 30 October, would have been our 38th anniversary.

Here is the post that I wrote:

Little Lost Doll

My husband is generally very supportive of my doll collecting.  He’s also a big softy. I’d like to tell you a story about something that he did several years ago. At that time David used to go to  computer classes at  a TAFE college a couple of days a week.

I had been doll collecting for a couple of years and would often bring dolls home from weekend markets or op shops.

On this particular day David noticed a rag doll lying on the floor in the lift. As the college had community facilities he assumed that a child had dropped it. Some hours later he got into the lift again and saw that the doll was still there and had obviously been abandoned. Its cloth body was torn, the stuffing was coming out and it was filthy dirty.

David picked up the doll and brought it home to me. He couldn’t just leave it there he said. Could I fix it?

I pulled out the rest of the stuffing and washed it before I did anything else. I repaired her torn body and restuffed her. Although her head is a bit floppy she certainly looks a lot better when she arrived.

She is still with us and every now and again David will ask me where “his” doll is

lost doll
Now all fixed she lives with my other dolls.


  1. I’m sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for sharing these stories. I have tears in my eyes. David was a wonderful and supportive man. And he was also kind-hearted to bring home the rag doll from the elevator. He knew you would clean her right up. And you did. She looks happy to have found her new home.



  2. I am so sorry for your loss but I am glad that you have all these precious memories. This entry is such a beautiful tribute to him. May he rest in peace.


  3. Dear Traswegian1957,
    I know that we do not know each other, but I have followed your blog and read every single post (via my email) for more than a year now. I’m always learning something new from you, and I’ve felt like you are a friend who understands this hobby. My dolls are like yours- mostly rescues and misfits.
    Please accept my deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy. Truly, I cried some while reading this, and I remembered reading the story of “his” doll when you first wrote it.
    I hope you are well, and again I am sorry for your loss.
    Sending love to you across the ocean,


    • Thank you for your kind words. It is lovely to hear from someone who has been reading my posts for so long. I love my dolls and I’ve loved sharing my finds and and things I do with them online hoping to amuse and share knowledge. Life is going to seem very strange for a while I guess but I have had wonderful support from family, friends and from fellow bloggers so I will keep going and hopefully getting back to my doll hobby will help me to fill the days better.


  4. My sincere condolences, I’m sorry for your loss. I read your other post too, your husband sounded like a great person.
    I’ve known your blog for a few years already, and it’s a treasure chest full of knowledge and lovely dolls.
    I wish you strength in these difficult times.


  5. My sincere condolences, I’m so sorry you lost your husband so suddenly. I hope your lovely memories will give you the strength to go through this hard time. Hugs, Andrea


  6. I have to ask, the little doll your husband found, does it have a tag or label on it at all that says anything about the manufacturer, the brand or item number of the doll at all? My sister had a doll that looks very similar to that one when she was little and I have been trying for years to find one for her, but no such luck. Wondering if maybe this one was made by the same company and can lead my in the right direction.


    • Thanks for your question. I don’t think she does have any marks and unfortunately at the moment she is packed away as I’m getting ready to have some work done in that room and have had to move a few things. Next time I have her out I will look and post any markings I find on her. I think I have seen a picture of a similar one online but can’t remember where.


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