Mystery Walking Doll Again

Remember my mystery walking doll Roberta? I’m still trying to ID her. I thought that she might be an Ideal Walker from the 1960s, possibly Goody Two Shoes who was made around 1965. Mine walked and talked although she’s in bad shape and does neither now. I’d love to get her fixed one day.
I also came across photos of similar dolls made by Estrela around the same time. I think it’s quite likely they were making dolls under licence from Ideal.

Here is a close up of her face.


Her feet close up.
Her feet close up.

I found this short video on YouTube of an Estrela doll labelled Prosinha.

In the video it looks as if the dolls mouth moves when she “speaks”. I don’t think mine would do that. If these pictures jog your memory I’d love some help to figure this out.


  1. You know that I am a little crazy, when it comes to dolls so I just made a small post about unmarked dolls, so I can post a picture for you to see. While the doll is bigger than yours, it seems to be almost the same face. What do you think?


    • Yes she is quite similar. I imagine that a lot of “knock off” dolls were made similar to the name brands like Ideal and Mattel which is why we find so many of these No-Names but I do like to find out what I can.


      • Actually I found out that “little Miss Echo” doll was made by American Character.
        Your doll doesn’t have to be a knock off, just made for different market. The style of the doll is just characteristic for the sixties. If she came in a box, the manufacturer might have not felt like marking her, especially if it was not very known doll maker. She is a walker, she probably talked, or did something what for sixties was really new and unique, so she must have been pretty pricey.


      • I think so too which is why I was interested in the Estrela doll clip on YouTube. She was made in Japan and I know Ideal dolls were made there at at that time so possibly a different version of one of their dolls for the overseas market.


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