Progress in the Doll Room

I spent a couple of hours the other afternoon getting re-acquainted with my Barbies. So far I’ve just been checking them over to make sure none of them had developed any of those greenish spots that sometimes appear on dolls that have been stored. Everyone I have checked so far has been fine. I have had trouble with these little spots before but it seems quite random. My sister once found a spot on a doll she’d only recently de-boxed while others that we’ve had for years are unaffected. Luckily Remove-Zit works well to get rid of them and I would think that the Oxy 10 that people use to remove green ear and other stains would also work but I’ve never tried it.

One of the things I find a bit tricky when people recommend products is trying to find the Australian equivalent as many US brands are not sold here. We do have Oxy 10 but whether it is the same as the US one I don’t know. If you have ever shopped in discount stores who sometimes sell products intended for overseas markets you will notice that they are slightly different to the same products we buy at home. Toothpaste may taste different for example and Australians be warned that the Tim Tams you buy from discount stores do not taste the same as Aussie Tim Tams because they are produced for the Asian market.

However, I’m getting off the track. I also decided that I’d like to sort the clothes out so nearly everyone is naked at the moment while pieces are returned to their original closets in the case of the Fashion Fever outfits or at least to the correct storage drawer. I have them sorted mostly by colours.The 6 drawers below are mostly for Fashion Fever outfits but there are some to fit the Basics as well. Another deeper drawer houses the overflow from these including generic and handmade items and another deep drawer has my Fashion Avenue Fashions.


Fashions sorted by predomininant colour.
Fashions sorted by predominant colour.


Shoes are sorted by colour, style and also by which dolls they fit. One box has the shoes that the Fashion Fever and Basics girls can wear and the other is for the older style shoes from the Fashion Avenue era and for other odds and ends like sunglasses. These days I try to keep whole outfits together but in the beginning I used to separate the shoes and some I just don’t remember where they came from. When I’m feeling really anal I get out the photos of each complete closet or outfit and try to match everything up.

Shoes sorted by colour, type and age.
Shoes sorted by colour, type and age.

Once all that is done I will be able to finish off a couple of posts I’ve had sitting around for months from my Fashion Fever Closet series and start a new series of Fashion Doll Friday. I am looking forward to that. I’ve really missed playing with the girls and really what is redressing and photographing dolls but adult play. Nothing wrong with that either!

I am still trying to work out how to make everything fit into the room better. It would be fine if I didn’t also have my sewing materials, wool and scrapbooking supplies in the same room. Not to mention boxes of photographs. Never mind. I will come up with something. In the meantime at least the wheeled drawers make it easy to move things to get to other things.



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