Fashion Fever Closets – Part Ten – Zebra Stripes Closet

Welcome back to my series of posts on Fashion Fever Fashions. This one is labelled Glam Getaway but I have always called it “The Zebra Closet’ It is another closet which I like despite it having a lot of “Barbie Pink” in it. I think the pink contrasts well with the black and I like the versatility of it too.You can really ring the changes with the pieces in this closet. Mattel must have thought so too because they released a couple more pieces that match well with this closet later.

The complete closet.
The complete closet.

The Models:

  • Rebecca – Fashion Fever Barbie Wave A
  • Sharon – Fashion Fever Summer 2008
  • Brittany – Teresa circa 2003
  • Ruby – Black Basics #03
  • Style Barbie 2015
  • Joanne – Denim Basics Barbie #11
  • Jayne – Fashion Fever Barbie Wave K

When I came to find photos for this shoot I found that I had photographed several of the girls wearing the zebra stripe dress so I thought that it would be fun to show you how it looks on different body types. As we haven’t done this for a while I have included more pictures than I usually do for the Closet Series Posts. First here are Joanne, Sharon and Rebecca.

Next we have Brittany who has the regular Fashion Fever body type. She is wearing the skirt with the white T-shirt and “leather” jacket. Brittany’s shoes are the ones from the closet. My pink and black couch which is really a jewellery box makes a great prop for this Closet.

Brittany in Zebra Stripe skirt, white top and black jacket.
Brittany in Zebra Stripe skirt, white top and black jacket.

Ruby is next with the beige pants, pink top and trendy bag and sunglasses. I’m not sure if these are the correct silver shoes for the outfit but they fit her. I was surprised to find that the pants were an excellent fit on Ruby. I could not get them on Brittany who must have wider hips than the later Fashion Fever girls. The length looks good on Ruby too. Ruby likes this outfit so much that she would not part with it.

Ruby in pants and top from Zebra Stripe Closet.
Ruby in pants and top from Zebra Stripe Closet.


My recently purchased and as yet unnamed Style Barbie is wearing the cropped pants and zebra striped top. Her shoes are her own and I think her black heels might have looked better with this outfit but I was going for a casual look. All the pieces fit her quite well.

Style Barbie 2015 in cropped pants and zebra stripe top.
Style Barbie 2015 in cropped pants and zebra stripe top.

Last of all here is Jayne who is wearing an outfit that is not part of the Zebra Stripe Closet but was issued separately. This was taken at my sister’s house when she still had her 1:6 scale bar set up. I used to take a lot of photos there. I think it is a Bratz Milk Bar.

Jayne in a zebra striped skirt and pink top.
Jayne in a zebra striped skirt and pink top.

And finally some bonus photos. Just because I can.



    • Thanks I”ll take a look. I take a lot of my fashion doll pictures inside my Barbie house which has nice graphics and used to take a lot at my sisters house as she has a lot of props. I do have a few but sometimes I prefer the relatively bare background of the cube.


      • She has some interesting suggestions, so I thought that if you were in the mood to try something different, it was a good place to learn something new.


      • I just went and read it. Really interesting and I’m certainly going to try out some of her ideas. I used to prefer to do my doll photos just in the doll room and not clutter up the whole house with my hobby but I’ll probably be a bit more experimental now and dolls and photography are good therapy when you feel down.


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