Fashion Doll Friday – Happy Family Grandma 2003

Welcome back to Fashion Doll Friday.

This week’s doll is on request of my blogging friend Alice who wanted to see Happy Family Grandma. The Happy Family Grandparents were introduced in 2003 to join Midge and husband Alan and their two children. There were several playsets released for these dolls including “Grandma’s Kitchen”. Grandma and Grandpa had a couple of fashions of their own but these are hard to come by in Australia so I’ve never seen them.

Grandma is a similar figure to the Rosie O’Donnell doll and they could probably switch clothing. Hmm might have to try that as they are both a little full-figured for normal Barbie clothing. In these photos she is wearing what I think were her own pants with a generic fashion doll top.

Happy Family Grandma at home.
Happy Family Grandma at home.
Happy Family Grandma 2003
Happy Family Grandma 2003

To read more about the Happy Family dolls click here.


  1. She’s lovely. Other than the silver hair, wedding ring and understanding smile she doesn’t look like a grandmother. Perhaps something you’ve knitted would fit her. She doesn’t look very “full-figured”. I DO like her face. πŸ™‚


  2. Did you take this pictures recently?
    I regret not buying granparents, when they were on sale in Target. I bought the pregnant Midge, and all the other dolls and accessories for my daughter, but goofed on grandma and grandpa.


    • I took the photos earlier this week along with some others. Grandma had been in storage at my sister’s house for a year so it was nice to have her out. I will plan some new clothes for her. I have Grandpa too so he’ll probably be a feature soon. I didn’t buy pregnant Midge but I do have Alan.

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  3. After hunting her for years, I finally hit the jackpot on a fleamarket and scored Grandma and Grandpa last year. I think Mattel did a much better job on this Grandma, than on the Heart Family Grandma back in the 80ies, where they just propped a somewhat aged Head on a regular Barbie body. I never saw the line of Grandparents clothes in stores.


    • I agree, these grandparents are much more realistic and the whole concept of the Happy Family was really nice even if they did pitch Barbie in there as Baby Doctor which I thought a bit unrealistic. I think I bought the grandparents from eBay from an overseas seller as I don’t think I saw them, their outfits or the kitchen playset in the shops here. We did get Midge, Alan the kids and the volvo though. I believe there were some happy family neighbours too but they didn’t make it to Australia either.


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