Time for a Makeover?

I’ve just about finished sorting out all my Barbie outfits now and most stray pieces have been returned to their correct places. Today I am thinking about my next Fashion Fever Closet post and as it will be number twelve I wondered if it would be a good idea to creat a page with links to them all to make it easier to view them.
What do you think? Is it something you would find useful to be able to go straight to the posts about clothes?
A lot of my fashion doll posts are about clothes, the ones I make myself as well as the Closet series. I have a lot of old Fashion Avenue Fashions I plan to show you in the future too.
Is it time to give the blog a bit of a makeover to make the fashion doll posts, which are probably more than half of what I write, easier to navigate?

I’d love your feedback so please reply in the comments section.

A couple of pages from my home made Barbie Fashion guide book.
A couple of pages from my home-made Barbie Fashion guide book.


  1. I’m not sure which might be a better direction to go. But I did want to thank you for showing your home-made fashion guide book! I have got to start gathering and organizing Barbie information, especially as it pertains to my own collection. Your guide book inspires me to start gathering!


    • That guide book is a work in progress. It started out when my sister was going to Singapore and asked me if there were any Barbie things I would like. I collected pictures of outfits I already had and others I’d like to have and printed them for her to take with her. Later I got into the habit of photographing all new dolls and outfits before I de-boxed them. It does make it easier if you like to de-box and mix and match outfits to remember how they were originally.


  2. If it is possible to add tags to your posts, i.e. FF closet or FA Fashion, all relating posts come up, when someone hits that tag in the sidebar.

    Your fashion guide book is a neat idea. My own clothing reference is computer folders for each year with pictures of the clothes.


    • I always tag my posts so I hope that does help people find a specific post or group of posts.
      I have my fashion fever and fashion avenue fashions stored on the computer too both in the box and being worn but as I didnt’ start doing it right away I still have some work to do.


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