Fashion Fever Fashions – Solo Fashions – Part One

In addition to the Fashion Fever Closets Mattel released many single outfits. The first ones came in tubes and were complete outfits with shoes and accessories. Later they came in flat packaging and did not include the extras. There was also a range of separates such as skirts, pants and tops. I don’t have a lot of the separates but I do have a few of the tube fashions and quite a lot of the pack ones. Today I thought I’d show you a few of those.

The Models

Our models today are:

  • Brittany – Fashion Fever body
  • Grace – Denim Basics Barbie – model muse body
  • Gail – Red Basics Barbie – model muse body


The Fashions

Recently renamed Gail is first up with a denim skirt and a pretty white peasant blouse with pink embroidery. The outfit came with brown platform sandals which of course Gail cannot wear. The pink bag is part of the outfit. As usual the skirt rides a bit low on the hips of a Model Muse but it will stay up. The blouse is a great fit and looks nice on Gail I think.

Gail is also modelling the next outfit, a pair of cropped denim jeans and an asymmetric top. This outfit did not come with shoes so Gail is wearing her own. I think the stronger colours of this outfit suit her as the Red Basics girls have strong facial colouring.

Grace is next. She is wearing a blue blouse which was issued as a separate piece. Her jeans are from Etsy seller Ellasdolls and shoes are her own.

Brittany, who has recently had her hair restyled is wearing a tube outfit which I particularly like. The dress is white with silver spots and the white jacket has a fur trim. Brittany, luckily can wear the boots that came with the outfit.

As I have so many of these packs I will be featuring more of them between Closet posts.


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