High School Reunion

High School Reunion

I had fun this afternoon dressing up a bunch of Barbies. They are attending their high school reunion. I’ll leave it to your imaginations how many years it’s been since they were in school together.

From left to right meet Bonnie, Kate, Jan,Mandy (seated) Joanne, Midge (seated)Anna, Avis & Sandy(seated).

Barbie dolls
Some favourite Barbies get together.


    • I hadn’t seen it before but will have a look. I really should try to improve my sewing skills not so much because of the money but the difficulty in finding things that I like.


  1. What a beautiful group of girls. I love the black outfit on Midge (Aviator Barbie), simply elegant. Great hairstyle on the doll with the blue metallic dress. Is it a wig?


    • Well spotted, it is a wig. I was experimenting with making Bonnie look a bit different but I didn’t want to shave her head in case I didn’t like the look so I tucked her hair inside. Luckily she is a short haired doll. That black dress Midge is wearing is a favourite of mine too. I’ve had it quite a long time now but I think that’s the first time she has worn it.


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