Let’s Hit The Beach!

December is the start of summer in Australia so here are some of the girls ready for the beach.

Kate and Mandy have recently arrived from England so Kate is being sun smart and has “slip,slop, slapped”.  Mandy did remember to bring a cover up.

Anna is wearing her pearls to the beach. “No problem.” she says, “Pearls come from oysters and oysters live in the sea. They will be fine.”

Bonnie is the practical one who will remind the others to swim between the flags and look out for beach nasties such as the blue ringed octopus and to re-apply their sunscreen.


Barbies in beachwear.
Let’s hit the beach!


  1. I’m feeling a little summer envy, as it is cold, wet and stormy here, just a tiny bit. Anna’s Bikini looks great, I like that style.


    • If I were a bikini wearer that’s probably what I’d choose too or Bonnie’s one piece would probably be more my style although these days I’d probably want a little skirt on it too. 🙂


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