Fashion Doll Friday – Swappin Heads Fashionista Wave 1- Sweetie 2011

Swappin Heads Fashionista SweetieFashion Fever pink party dress.
Sandy in Fashion Fever pink party dress.

This is Sandy, short for Cassandra, in a Fashion Fever party dress.



    • This line of Barbies feature a mechanism that allows you to remove their heads and replace it with another. Mattel produced one spare head for each doll which you have to buy separately of course. They only made them for about a year I think.

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      • It never occurred to me as a child, mum would have gone mad anyway, but apparently a lot of girls did pop off their Barbie heads and swap them with others. I think this is where the term “Frankendolly” came from. The Swappin Heads were probably made to capitalise on this.

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      • I only had the one Barbie so it wasn’t to swap. I think he did it to bother me. 😉

        “Frankendolly” I hadn’t heard this before. Fascinating word, though.


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