Girl’s Night Out

The girls are off to a formal party and they are all dressed up for it. They posed for a group photo before they went.


Girl's Big Night Out.
Girl’s Big Night Out.

Bonnie likes to keep things simple and has chosen a grey and black print tube dress. I bought this from an eBay or Etsy seller

Sandy is never one for staying in the background. Her dress is a Fashion Fever pack outfit, the ribbon is her own.

Mandy likes floral prints. Hers is also Fashion Fever.

Midge is wearing the outfit from Dolls of the World Miss Argentina.

Jan is wearing a dress from a Fashion Fever party dress pack.

Avis looks very elegant in a ruffled pink dress and silver sandals. I think David got this  for me as part of a set.

Anna’s dress is a OOAK dress from an eBay seller.

Kate’s dress is Fashion Fever again. She wears her own shoes.

Joanne chooses to be different and is wearing a halter dress in a  thin knit with a crocheted wrap. I bought this from eBay too.

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  1. I love Mandy’s floral dress, so elegant. I don’t even mind the pinkness on this one. Bonny’s tube dress looks great too, did you make it?


    • I have to admit I still love to dress my dolls up in their best from time to time. I didn’t make the tube dress although a style like that is simple enough that I could have. It came from either an eBay or Etsy seller. I liked the pattern of the material.


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