Fashion Doll Friday – Paul – Sindy’s Boyfriend

Paul in Motorway Man
Motorway Man

Time for another vintage doll. This week it’s Sindy’s boyfriend Paul wearing “Motorway Man”





  1. Now this is a handsome guy, no sheepish grin like Ken. He really aged well. How long was he produced? I don’t remember seeing him around in stores on the Sindy shelf in my childhood. All the stores my mum took me to only had the Ballerina Sindy and clothes for her. By the way, I finally found a decent Sindy, my first, on the fleamarket this year. She has ellbow joints, so I guess she was one of the later models. She is a lovely brunette with a shoulder length flip hairstyle.


    • Hi Andrea congratulations on your find. I think she must be a a later Sindy I’m not sure which ones had elbow joints without looking it up which I probably will as soon as I’m done typing this because I’m curious now.
      Paul was only produced for a few years. I think he started about a year after Sindy. Around 1964. Pedigree also came out with a rooted hair Paul -with a Beatle cut! I am sure that was no coincidence. One of his outfits also featured the collarless suit made famous by the Beatles. I think that by the time Sindy got her first makeover around 1967 Paul was gone. Hasbro brought him back years later but the Hasbro Paul looks totally different and is shorter. I might have to write a proper post about Paul.


  2. Thank you for the link, that is a great site for IDing dolls. You are right, she must be a Lovely Lively Sindy. She has these gauntlet like lower arms. I put her into the nightgown from the 1978 Sweet Dreams Set, which is my only Sindy fashion so far. I will have to look out for more Sindy stuff in the fleamarkets next year. While I wasn’t much into her in my childhood Barbielea and you got me hooked on Sindy now.


    • There is something about Sindy, her expression at least on the original dolls is much more sweet and innocent than Barbie of the same era. I’ve seen photos of the Tonner Sindy recently and while she looks like Sindy she does not have the extra something. Good luck finding some more Sindy outfits and dolls. Once you start you can’t stop. πŸ™‚


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