Barbie on the Town

Barbie and her friends are off to a Christmas concert. Barbie has insisted that Ken should dress up so he’s had to hire a tuxedo. Allan is glad that Midge is not that fussy about what he wears.
Midge and Barbie asked the boys to find a date for Bubblecut Barbie so they have brought along their high school buddy Doctor Kildare, however even being a doctor does not pardon bad fashion sense in Barbie’s eyes so she is trying to ignore him.
Skipper has been allowed to come along as well and is very proud of her outfit which is “just like Barbie’s”.

Swirl Ponytail Barbie, Midge, Ken, Allan and Skipper are all vintage dolls. Skipper is my childhood Skipper. I have had her since I was nine. Doctor Kildare is a vintage doll and Bubblecut Barbie is a reproduction as is her outfit.

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