Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Three – Deanna Durbin

Here is another in my series about vintage paper dolls. Today’s doll is Deanna Durbin.

Deanna Durbin was a Hollywood movie star whose career began at age 14 and ended when she voluntarily walked away from the movie business at age 27 while still a popular star. I read that the profits from her movies saved Universal Studios from going bankrupt.

Deanna was one of mum’s favourite movie stars. She loved her singing. I remember her often watching Deanna’s movies when they were replayed on television.

These paper dolls were originally published by Merrill in 1940 although I don’t know if my sister’s set is that old as I am sure they were reproduced many times in later years. It is still possible to buy a reproduction set of these dolls. There are three dolls and they are quite large, about 25 cm from top to toe. There are a few bits and pieces missing from this set and it looks as if while many outfits would fit all the dolls some are specific to one or the other of them.

I like this set firstly because it reminds me of mum. She and Deanna Durbin were born in the same month of the same year, 1921, and the dolls hairstyles remind me of photos of mum at the same age. She and her younger sister wore a rather similar style.

Secondly I love the fashions of the forties. I would love to see some of these styles make a come back. How about you?

Deanna Durbin paper dolls.
The set came with 3 dolls.
The outfits were tagged Doll 1, Doll 2 and Doll 3. Doll 1 does not seem to have much.
The outfits were tagged Doll 1, Doll 2 and Doll 3. Doll 1 does not seem to have much.
Deanna Durbin paper doll
Here is Doll 2 with her tagged outfits.
Deanna Durbin Paper doll
Doll 3 with outfits

I imagine that these outfits are costumes that Deanna wore in her films. We were puzzled by the schoolgirl ones until we remembered that she was a child star. Here are a few more.

Further Information
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