Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Four – Baby Secret and Baby’s Hungry

Baby Secret and Baby’s Hungry were dolls released by Mattel in 1966 and 1967-8 respectively. Mattel seemed very fond of this type of name during the mid sixties as they also produced Baby First Steps, Baby See’n’Say, Baby Pattaburp and Baby Whisper as well as a host of other dolls with equally silly names. However, we’ll talk about them another day. Today I want to show you the paper doll versions of these popular dolls.

Baby Secret

My sister had a Baby Secret paper doll set as a child. It was one of her favourites and she played with it a lot so she was very pleased to acquire an uncut set when she started collecting paper dolls. I think Baby Secret was the prettiest of the “Baby” dolls and the paper doll is a very good replica of her and has some really cute little outfits.

The set was produced for Mattel by Whitman in 1966. It is printed on sturdy cardboard and is a good size for little hands to play with. The doll is on perforated cardboard and can be pushed out. A good idea as little girls don’t always have good control of scissors. I like that they provided plenty of large tags to hang the clothing on the doll.Baby Secret

The doll and some uncut clothing.
The doll and some uncut clothing.
The back page with a picture of the doll.
The back page with a picture of the doll.


As my sister still had her cut out Baby Secret book I was able to photograph her in some of her little outfits which have survived very well.

Baby’s Hungry

The Baby’s Hungry paper doll I had not seen before but it was published in 1968 and the printing on the base of the doll just says Mattel. My sister’s set was bought already cut out and without the book so I’m not sure if Whitman also printed these but I’d guess that they probably did as a search for Mattel paper dolls brought up a lot of Whitman titles including “Baby Tender Love” which I forgot to mention earlier and a lot of Barbie paper doll books.

Here is Baby’s Hungry with her clothes. She is a little big larger than Baby Secret. She has a large wardrobe of clothes for play and for best.

Baby's Hungry paper doll and her clothing.
Baby’s Hungry and her clothing.

Here she is wearing some of them.


I hope you have enjoyed a peek at two popular 1960s paper doll sets. I want to thank my sister Naomi for loaning me her paper dolls and also for sharing the results of the research she’s been doing into some of the older and less well known paper dolls sets which I’ll be showing you in the near future.


  1. I am Icelandic, born in 1966. I got a Baby Secret paper doll when I was 4 or 5 years old and I have still got it, but definitely not in such a good condition as the paper dolls in your pictures. But do you know who designed the paper doll?


    • Hu Una, good question. As they were released by Whitman I’d guess they would have used one of their regular artists but I will do a bit of research and see if I can find an actual name. The paper dolls look a lot like the real doll so it could be they had some help from someone at Mattel. If anyone knows more please jump in.


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