What’s New at the Tammy House?

The Tammy family and their lodgers the Tressy’s had a pretty quiet Christmas compared to last year. They did not have their British cousins the Sindy’s to visit and there were no big parties.

Now that Dr Kildare is married and Army Buddy has to report back to his unit the Tressy’s are left to get on with their sewing projects.

The Tressy's in their room.
The Tressy’s in their room.

Dad bought Mom an antique Egyptian print for their anniversary which was just after Christmas. Mom thinks it would look great in a gold frame.

Mom admiring the Egyptian print.
Mom admiring the Egyptian print.

Mom’s New Year resolution was to have a bit more order around the house so she has told the older girls that there will be no more parties unless they promise to do their homework and piano practice.

The girls discuss Mom's new rule.
The girls discuss Mom’s new rule.

While the American and Canadian Tammy’s discuss this dire situation English Tammy is attempting appeasement by making dinner. This could be interesting as she has never cooked a whole dinner before! Pepper is not looking too confident.

Pepper doubts Tammy's ability to cook a family dinner.
Pepper doubts Tammy’s ability to cook a family dinner.

The children and their assorted pets have been banished outside to play as has Grown Up Tammy. Mom is tired of telling her not to bring her skis inside the house and wishes that they had not sent her to college  in Colorado.

The children have been banished outside.
The children have been banished outside.
Why did we send her to college in Colorado?
Why did we send her to college in Colorado?



I have just been rearranging the dollshouse. It’s been sitting on my sewing machine table for quite a long time now but as I’ve been reorganising the dining room I was able to free up an old desk which is just the right size for the dollshouse so as long as I had to move it anyway it was a good opportunity to make a new set up.

I really think that I have outgrown the space in the doll room which also houses craft material and some of my scrapbooking gear, and forty years or more of photographs. No doubt there will be a few more reorganisations this year.

Dolls House 2016
Dolls House January 2016

Oh oh! Didn’t Army Buddy say he was going back to his unit? What’s he doing there talking to Grown Up Tammy? Let’s hope the Tressy’s don’t find out about this.




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