Another Mystery Doll

Calling all doll detectives, a reader, Vamsee Priya from India, contacted me to ask for help in identifying an old doll. The doll was brought back to India from overseas by her grandfather as a gift to her aunt she thinks around 1960 or just before. She does not know the country of origin.

Hard plastic doll about 30 inches high, circa late 50s.
Hard plastic doll about 30 inches high, circa late 50s early 60s.

This is the doll as she looks today. As you can see this is a large doll, estimated to be 30-32 inches tall. On her back she has the numbers 1965. Below is a picture of the doll in her original dress and wig. It is not a good photo as it was cropped from a family picture. Before seeing this second picture I had wondered if the doll had been made as a store mannequin for children’s clothing because its body seemed unusual for its baby face. However the wig gives the doll quite a different appearance. It looks as if she has sleep eyes but I’m not aware whether or not she had a mama box or walking mechanism.

Doll in original outfit and wig.
Doll in original outfit and wig.

I am inclined to think that the doll may have come from England but I don’t have any evidence to support that theory.

If anyone reading this has seen a similar doll and can shed some light on what company made her please comment. Her owner would really like to know a bit more about her.

It is lovely to feature a doll who is now being played with by the third generation of the same family.


  1. Her size and face remind me of a doll that my grandma had. She called her Big Bertha. I didn’t ever know where she came from. I was scared of her!


  2. I was looking at pictures of Italian dolls today and wondered if this doll might be a Furga. I know they made some large ones similar to Ideal’s Patti Playpal and friends.


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