Great Minds

Some time before Christmas I was browsing on Amazon and spotted two Hunger Games male dolls at a very good price. As my sister Naomi collects male fashion dolls and as it’s very rare for us to find handsome ones at a good price I decided to grab them for her.
Later that day I was speaking with her on the phone and told her what I had done. “Well I went to Launceston today.” she told me; “and I saw two Barbies I thought you might like so I put them on lay-by for you.”

How was that for a coincidence? We have since swapped dolls and here they are, so far still NRFB.


3 Barbie City Style
The Barbie Look City Shine
Two Hunger Games Guys
Hunger Games Mockingjay Peeta and Gale

Yes, there are three Barbies here not two. When Naomi went to put a payment on them the third one was in store so she decided to get that too. Without knowing what each other had spent we even paid almost exactly the same amount of money.

For the time being all five dolls will stay in their boxes but at some time in the future they will come out and be introduced to each other and who knows what might happen.


  1. What a great doll swap! This is what a friend and I are doing, when we look for certain dolls, that just don’t show up in the local doll shelves. Congrats on the City Shine Girls, they are awesome. I really don’t get it, why they don’t make the dolls available in every country. It’s totally annoying.


  2. I have the Finnick character from the Hunger games series of dolls, thibk he and gale might have the same face mold like tris and katniss both have Lea faces.Soo petty even the boys.I think I go to e-bay for AA version dolls, they sell out first thing in the stoe, even when the buyers get them where I am.


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