Fashion Doll Friday – Kira- Friend of Barbie

Today’s doll is Kira, friend of Barbie since the mid 1980s.
I have several Kira’s in my collection. Most were bought from markets,op shops or eBay so I don’t know which ones they are.

Kira in Cheongsam dress.
Kira in Cheongsam dress.
Unknown Kira
Unknown Kira


    • Hi Andrea. I actually was given the Bennetton Kira, My sister brought her back from Singapore for me although she was the European edition I think as the box said “Marina”. Later I got another doll the same except for the earrings and forgot which was which so you could be right about that. Once they are undressed it’s hard to tell if they lose earrings and rings.


  1. Hi!
    Ive been looking for this doll as a huge thank you gift for my boss. She’s wonderful and has talked about her first Asian barbie and how special it was to her. I think this is the one! Her mother gave all her dolls away when she moved out. I am trying to find it again. Do you have advice on where to look? Or the original name of this doll?


  2. Hi Brie. I think your best bet would be eBay. Try looking for Bennetton Kira or if you are in the UK Bennetton Marina, they gave the dolls different names for the European market sometimes.


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