Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Six -Fabulous Forties

Here are some more vintage paper dolls to enjoy. I’ve chosen older ones today. These are all originally from the 1940s.

Summer Date Paper Dolls

These were published by Saalfield in 1948. There are two couples. They certainly are a well dressed group and the graphics are very nice too.

Paper Doll Models

Four stylish girls and their outfits published by Saalfield in 1942.  They are Pam and Pat, Ann and Sue.

Deanna Durbin

There were numerous paper doll books made featuring the singing movie star Deanna Durbin. This is a different one from the one I showed you recently. Published by Merrill in 1941.

3 Wood Dolls

There seem to be several sets of these. I have seen a similar one marked Tekwood by Whitman 1948. I think this must mean that Tekwood refers to the material the dolls are made from.

Juniors Paper Dolls

This is a set of four girls published by Saalfield in 1945. I do like the forties hairstyles and fashions.


All Size Dolls

This is a massive set of 13 paper dolls by paper doll artist Queen Holden. Published 1945. Here are the dolls and a couple of pages. You can see them all on the Free Paper Dolls website. Does it look to you as if the teenage boy is holding a cigarette?

The paper dolls featured in this post can either be downloaded at the Free Paper Dolls website or bought from websites such as

I hope that you have enjoyed these vintage dolls and outfits.  There are still lots more to come including an update of the Magic Mary Jane dolls as Naomi has unearthed some more sets.


    • Thank you for the nomination. I did this a couple of years ago when I was first doing the doll blog so I think I will pass this time around. Thanks for visiting Dolls, Dolls, Dolls.


  1. Hi there! Thanks for the paper doll posts. I really enjoy them. I looked closely at this set after you mentioned about the teenaged boy holding a cigarette. I think the set is not necessarily just older and younger people, but also adults in different sizes. Looking at the teen-looking boy, he is number 10, and the clothing that is also marked 10 looks to me like it’s meant for an adult man. I’m glad, too, because that guy is most definitely holding a cigarette! How times have changed!


    • He Kathy,The information on the free paper doll website described that set as adults, teenagers and children and I guess that a smoking was quite acceptable in those days a boy of sixteen or seventeen who would be working could be portrayed with a cigarette without causing the furore it would today. Glad you are enjoying the paper dolls. There are plenty more to come.


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