Fashion Doll Friday – Lea- Friend of Barbie

Lea has been around for the past ten years or so and seems to have replaced Kira as Mattel’s Asian doll. Sometimes she also goes by Kayla.

This is one of my favourite face molds so I have a few Lea/Kayla’s. I don’t remember which one this is but I believe that she was a beach doll originally. Her outfit was bought from an eBay seller.



  1. She is Amazing Nails Lea – the first ever Lea! There was also an Amazing Nails Kayla, who was a non-Asian character (some think Hispanic) with the same head sculpt. Congrats, she’s in beautiful condition! 🙂


    • That surprised me because I have Amazing Nails Barbie and she has green nail polish while my Lea does not have any. However, on looking online for boxed Amazing Nails dolls I discovered another series which must be later than the one I have. Some of my Lea’s came from eBay and some I bought locally but she was not often sold in Australia so I’m glad to have her identified.


      • I’ve never seen an Amazing Nails Lea with nail polish (although it makes sense that she’d have it). My Kayla is unpolished too. So you think the polished version is an earlier version? That’s really interesting, I’ll have to look into that. Thanks!


      • My Amazing Nails Barbie has the old T&T body and articulation, bright green polish. I know they made Teresa although she was not sold here but not sure if they made a Lea/Kayla. Mine was from around 1999-2000 I think the other one I saw was a year or two later.


      • Ah, sorry, just re-read that – BARBIE, not Lea. With you now!! Haha sorry. Hollywood Nails Barbie has green nail polish (the one in this sparkly dress). Think she is from an earlier line, yes.


      • Actually you are right. It is Hollywood Nails Barbie that I have. I don’t go in for the hair and nails play dolls that much but mine was a gift and very pretty. I just didn’t bother with all the nail stuff.


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