Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Seven – Children

Here are some child paper dolls. Several of these are available to download and print from the Free Paper Dolls website. Others are from Naomi’s disc.

Four Little Girls From School is a set of four paper dolls from Merrill. They look rather old fashioned but I think they were published in 1957.

Two original dolls.
Two original dolls.

Naomi has a partial set of original dolls so I have been able to photograph the two that she has and some of the original outfits.

Let’s Play House:The Dionne Quints, who were born in 1934, were the first set of quins to survive infancy and are so famous they probably should be in the celebrity category. The “Let’s Play House” paper dolls were made as five books, one for each child. The pages featured portraits of the girls as children. This set was from 1940. Here are a couple of Emilie’s outfits.

Paper Doll Party is a set of six dolls from Saalfield Publishing dated 1944. Here are the girls and some of their clothes.

The dolls from Paper Doll Party, Saalfield 1944.
The dolls from Paper Doll Party, Saalfield 1944.

6 Good Little Dolls is from Stephens Publishing  Company and is probably from the 1940s. There are five girls and a boy

Round the Clock with Susan is a set of three dolls, Susan and her two friends, with outfits for different times of day and for events such as birthday parties and costume parties.

Susan's friends.
Susan’s friends Joanne and Linda.

We have several more sets of child paper dolls to share so there will be another post on children and babies soon.

Further Reading:

A few paper doll related blogs and websites. – Miss Missy collects and draws paper dolls as well as 3D dolls such as Barbie and Lalaloopsy. – Advice for paper doll collectors.

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