Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Eight – Ballet Dolls


Ballet dolls made from plastic.
Ballet dolls made from plastic.

Many little girls love ballet and of course there have been a lot of ballet paper dolls but I’m just going to show you one set today although it’s hard to think of them as paper dolls. They are made of plastic but they do have paper clothing.

Naomi bought these on eBay and neither of us had seen anything like them before. I had thought of posting them as Mystery Dolls but my sister is a persistent researcher and managed to track down some information about them.

They are called Creative Cut Outs and were made by Trim Molded Products Co.Inc of Burlington, Wisconsin. They are most likely from the 1950s.

Vintage 1950's Creative Cut Outs Ballet Girls | eBay:

The dolls are quite small, about 12 centimetres tall (about 4.7 inches) and have plastic stands to balance on. Their features are etched on to the plastic but there is not a lot of detail. They are just lines.The booklet of clothing contains several different ballet costumes for each doll. As well as the printed ones there are others which have been left for the owner to colour in. Here are some the previous owner prepared earlier.

Creative Cut Outs ballet dresses to be coloured by owner.
Creative Cut Outs ballet dresses to be coloured by owner.

Here are the five dolls in some of their costumes.

I would love to know whether other dolls of this type were produced and also what else was made at the Trim Molded Plastic Company as we’ve not managed to find out anything about them so far.

It occurred to me that if they made larger products they may have hit on this as a way to use up offcuts of plastic but that is just a theory of mine.

As always if anyone knows more about these dolls or the company that made them please share in the comments. We would love to know.

Creative Cut Outs Ballerina's in pink dance dresses.
Creative Cut Outs Ballerina’s


  1. I have never seen these dolls, but I think they are a great idea. They are more sturdy than paper. and I love that the clothes shapes are supposed to be coloured by the girls. Great to spark creativity.


  2. My Mother bought me a set of these ballet dolls in the mid 1950’s as a child in Ohio. I loved them. They were lost when my parents relocated to another home. Is there any way I could purchase them?


    • eBay is your best bet I think to find some. That’s where Naomi’s set came from. You need to look in vintage paper dolls and try using “creative cut outs” in your search terms.


  3. I had these too as a young girl but had forgotten we had to color the clothes. I did find them on Ebay but my granddaughters are now past the age where they would be interested. Always fun to show them my childhood playthings. Nice memory!

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  4. Just found this set in my sister’s collection that I am liquidating after her passing in 2016. I not only have the Ballet set but the other set and only other set issued by the company. The first is named ‘The doll house family’ with a later version named ‘The doll house family, creative cut-outs’. I will be listing them all on eBay if interested. Sept. 2020


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