Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Ten- Barbie and Friends

Amongst the stash of vintage paper dolls Naomi bought were several Barbie paper doll books from the 1960s. Most of the sets are not complete and some of the dolls are in poor condition but it has been a lot of fun going through them because of course it was easy for me to recognise many of the outfits.

Naomi tells me that the eBay seller she bought the dolls from had several lots on sale which she thinks may have come from a deceased estate. The dolls and clothing were all mixed up together and she thinks that some of the missing items may have ended up in other lots. Somewhere out there some other paper doll collectors are going through and trying to sort out odd sets of dolls. If any of them are reading this we feel your pain.

Barbie and Skipper

This is a really cute set published by Whitman in 1964. Unfortunately although Naomi had the folder and some of the clothing the dolls were not in it but luckily she was able to find a picture of them on her paper doll disc which she photocopied for me. Barbie and Skipper had a lot of matching outfits and several of these are in this set along with some other classic Barbie fashions like “Solo in the Spotlight”.

Barbie and Skipper paper dolls.
The Barbie and Skipper dolls.

Midge Cut Outs

I always had a soft spot for Barbie’s best friend Midge as she was always playing second fiddle to Barbie and did not have outfits of her own but shared Barbie’s things. This Midge Cut Out paper doll book has two Midge dolls, one blonde and one auburn. It was first published by Whitman in 1963. A lot of the clothing in this set is missing. Blonde Midge has a lot of her outfits but auburn Midge only has a couple. The folder has some lovely graphics so I have used them for the backdrop to the photos.

Midge paper dolls
Midge paper dolls

You may recognise some of Barbie’s outfits here. I still think she should have had some of her own.

Barbie and Ken
The title of this one “Barbie and Ken Vintage Paper Dolls” should be a clue. This one is a reproduction and not one from the eBay lots. It was reprinted from an original 1962 book by Random House and Golden Books in 2012.Barbie and Ken are punch out dolls printed on glossy paper and the book says on the cover that there are over 30 outfits.

Barbie and Ken reproduction paper dolls
Barbie and Ken reproduction paper dolls

I don’t know that it is very good OH&S practice for Barbie to have what looks like a large knife in her apron pocket.

Barbie Doll Cut Outs

This is another vintage Whitman book from 1962 and features a blonde bubble cut Barbie. Although there is only one doll this is the set I would have wanted to have to play with as a child. It has over 50 costumes and accessories. This Barbie is in poor condition and while I don’t think all the clothing is there a lot of it is and I wanted to try everything on her.

Barbie by Whitman 1962
Barbie by Whitman 1962

Barbie Cut Outs

When I opened this folder it was completely empty so I did some online research and discovered that she is the brunette version of the previous paper doll and that the clothes for both are identical. Only the covers are different. This paper doll book is available as a download from the Free Paper Dolls website as a brunette only.

 Barbie, Ken and Midge

This is another Whitman publication from 1963 and has three dolls and according to the cover 52 costumes and accessories. Unfortunately most of them are not here. Ken seems to have looked after his clothes better than the two girls. The folder does have some nice graphics which will help us find the missing items I hope.

Barbie Ken and Midge paper dolls by Whitman.
Barbie Ken and Midge paper dolls by Whitman.
Every nice girl loves a sailor.
Every nice girl loves a sailor.

I hope you have all enjoyed having a look at these vintage paper dolls. Our plan is to repair or replace damaged and missing items or if that is not possible to purchase reproductions of the ones we really like. Naomi also has some later Barbie paper doll and activity books from the seventies or eighties and I will feature those another day.


  1. I didn’t know there were so many Barbie paper dolls. Were they sold international? The folders are great with their dollhouse like graphics. The poor doll with the staples in her legs. I don’t get it, why they didn’t just glue her to a piece of cardboard instead. The repair would have been so much less obvious.


    • They were sold internationally. I don’t personally rmember these but I remember seeing later ones. Every newsagent had lots of paper doll books for sale. I was horrified by the staples too especially the ones that had been done on dolls faces. My sister said maybe they were a “dad fix”.


  2. These are just wonderful! I would love to add them all to my collection. I definitely have a preference for Midge also. Its a pity Mattel never brought out a line of clothing an such that was just for Midge..poor old Midge had to share Barbies clothes.


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