Fashion Doll Friday – Lucky Industries Fashion Doll circa 1990s

Fashion Doll Friday is a bit late this week because I have been busy editing holiday photos and writing about it on My Other Blog.

This week’s doll is one that I have had for a long time as I bought her when I was first collecting fashion dolls in the late 1990’s and she seems to have a rather interesting background. I bought her in a discount store I think and can’t remember what she was branded as but on her back she is marked 1990 Lucky Ind Co. Ltd-Made in China with the rabbit symbol.

I have been looking her up to see if I could get a better ID and it seems that Lucky Industries used to manufacture the Steffi Love dolls before Simba took over. Lucky now seem to be making a similar doll to this one under the brand name Fashion Corner which I do often see in discount stores here.

Sandy as I originally named her is well made with a twist’n’turn waist and proportions similar to the older Barbie bodies. She feels quite solid. Her hands are slightly curled in, I think she may have had some kind of prop to hold when I bought her but can’t remember what it was. I like her dimples and blue eyes.

Here is Sandy.

After I had posted this Naomi contacted me to say that she thought that the doll had come from Toys’R’Us which is quite likely as they did sell Simba dolls at one time as well as fashion outfits for them. Naomi thinks the doll was branded Jessica which sounds familiar. There is still a Jessica Fashion doll being manufactured and sold. She looks a bit different but then today’s Barbie looks very different to the Barbie of 20 years ago too.


  1. I have two of these! The blonde was given to my daughter from a school-mate aprox 25 years ago. We bought her red headed twin who was a mother with two tiny babies. They were well loved but the legs fell off so are in a box for when/if my daughter has kids.


  2. I have one aswell.Is that her original dress? Im looking for the right outfit to mine 🙂 I also wonder if you know where i can find info about a doll (whom i think is) named Kelsey from the same comapny. A child doll.
    Thank you!

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    • No , that isn’t her original dress. I’m not sure I remember what she came wearing now. I know that LuckyIndustries or a subsidiary is still making toys but my telco would not let me access their site saying that it was not a safe site. It is very hard to find out anything about the clone doll manufacturers from China. I’ll keep looking and we will share anything we find here.


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