Fashion Doll Friday – Jewel Hair Mermaid Midge 1995

Maureen, as I named her, was another of my early finds. In those days when I could buy Barbies at markets and Op Shops for just a couple of dollars I did not mind experimenting on them.
Maureen had long, long hair which is why I suspected that she was a fairy or mermaid doll. I discovered that she was Jewel Hair Mermaid Midge from 1995. As I have mentioned before I don’t like ridiculously long hair so I cut it to shoulder length and experimented with a perm. It did not come out too badly although it is a bit flyaway. For today’s photos Maureen is wearing a gold bikini knitted in metallic thread which I made during the summer. It goes well with her colouring and her gold earrings.


  1. Great makeover, bikini and outdoor scenery! You have been influential to my collection and I have been able to collect many of my favorite dolls/clothing discovered on your blog πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, it’s very kind of you to say that. I think if I was giving advice to any collector starting out it would be “Collect what you love”. When you buy on the secondary market I find that being able to identify a doll from a photo simplify’s searching too. I’ve got favourite websites as well as some books that have helped me so I’m happy to be able to help others.


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