Fashion Doll Friday – Australian Olympic Fan Barbie 2000

Fashion Doll Friday – Australian Olympic Fan Barbie 2000

See the original doll here.


  1. What a great way to share your collection and hobby! You have been soinfluential to me, fortunately many of the same dolls and clothing are still obtainable from ebay. I have gotten Fashionista Raquelle (a favorite for her facial expression and abillity to pose) and two of the Basics dolls. Recently I acquired some new items never featured on your site: a teal colored fashion fever clothing pack and Modern Circles Ken 😀


    • Glad you enjoy it. My sister has a Modern Circles Ken. One day I may ask her if I can feature some of her dolls as she mostly collects male dolls. There are many Fashion Fever outfits that I was never able to buy because they were not sold near me and I truly could not afford to buy everything they relieased at the time but every now and again I come across a set on eBay at a good price. Fashion Fever was fantastic. I still have a few sets I have to photograph for the blog too.


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